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Even Sophisticated AI Can’t Always Tell a Parrot from a Cat

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | Article Link

Samim Winiger spends a lot of his time playing around with neural networks, primitive artificial brains trained to autonomously run through algorithms for some kind of output, whether image recognition or text generation. In his latest project, he’s been working with the Image Captions Network to identify events in videos. If you’re scared of the rise of AI, this is the kind of thing that can put your mind at rest for a few years.

Convolutional neural networks work like Google’s Deep Dream, processing an image and searching for an object it’s been trained to recognize. But in the case of the Generating Captions project, Winiger set it on identifying videos. But the Image Captions Network also has a Recurrent Neural Network designed specifically to generate captions around what it sees in the video.