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14 Young Power Players Set to Become the New Art World Aristocracy

Image courtesy Keith Wildman under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license via Wikimedia Commons | Article Link 

Everyone knows the big names that are driving and financing the international contemporary art world—if you need a refresher, check out our Top 200 list.

But most of those power players have had decades to establish themselves, while the younger generation of collectors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs are just beginning their careers as art world movers and shakers.

Some, like Paddle8's Alexander Gilkes, helm companies that are changing the way people purchase and interact with art. Others, like Maria Baibakova, have become known for their philanthropic endeavors. They might not all be household names yet, but just wait. In the next few years, these up and comers may really show their mettle.