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The Big Picture: A Course Map (Admin Update 1)

In this Learning Module, we contrast two types of pedagogy, which we call 'Didactic/Mimetic' and 'Collaborative/Reflexive'. We can use educational technologies to support either or both kinds of pedagogy.

We don't want to criticize Didactic/Mimetic pedagogy. It has had its place, in its time. It has done it's job, sometimes appropriately, and in some circumstances it may still be appropriate. However, our focus in this Learning Module are the affordances offered by e-learning environments for Collaborative/Reflexive Learning. Not that the underlying ideas of Collaborative/Reflexive Learning are new ... in fact, many of them are quite old. It's just that they may now be easier to realize, with the application of a new generation of e-Learning technologies. Here's a diagrammatic overview of the 'seven affordances' we will be exploring in this course:

 View the videos, From Didactic Pedagogy to New Learning and What's the Use of Technology in Learning? Introducing Seven e-Affordances.

Comment: What do you think? When is 'Didactic/Mimetic' or 'Collaborative/Reflexive' pedagogy more appropriate? Or when has/does the one worked better than the other? Speak from your own, personal experience

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