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From the Community: Sport Alumni Featured in Documentary

Image Courtesey of Wikimedia Commons/The U.S. Food and Drug Administratinon

Marcus Amos, an alumni of the Sport and Society Conferene as well as one of our past Graduate Scholars, was recently featured in a documentary entitled "Locker Room Addiction". The focus of the documentary was discussing the epidemic of athletes who have become addicted to painkillers and other prescription drugs as the result of an injury suffered while they were playing. It also addressed athletes who transitioned to heroin use after abusing painkillers. The documentary highlighted 2 specific deaths of athletes who became a victim to accidental drug overdose deaths. The documentary was produced by DirecTV and aired on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

Marcus Amos, a second-year doctoral student in sport management, played a pivitol role in the documentary. He provided education in the area of painkiller addiciton and how prevalent it has become among athletes. He also touched on the need for more prevention strategies to curb this epidemic. Amos is founder of Prevention Education for Athletes, which addresses both painkiller addiction as a result of sports injuries and overdose deaths among athletes. He has consulted as an expert in this area with numerous national media, including 60 Minutes, HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN News.

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