CGScholar User Group’s Updates

  • #‎DigitalScholar‬, Course Announcement

    The Geneva Learning Foundation, in partnership with the University of Illinois College of Education and Learning Strategies International (LSi), is pleased to announce an open access course to support the development of scalable digital learning...More

  • Critical Clinical Thinking in Scholar

    Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Online Tools and Computational Approaches

    The Challenge:Complex problem solving and critical thinking are required in today’s medical, design, and engineering professions. Knowledge in these domains...More

  • The Trouble with Learning Management Systems

    We've been asked quite a lot lately to say how Scholaris different from a Learning Managment System. One answer is that it is not an LMS because we don't want teachers to be (just) managers. Another answer is that Scholar can do everythi...More

  • Announcing: e-Learning Ecologies MOOC

    Starting January 19, Scholar will offer a mirror of the second edition of our Coursera e-Learning Ecologies MOOC.This is part of our research and development work at the University of Illinois, exploring the dynamics of different learning platfor...More

  • Announcing: e-Learning Ecologies

    Join us for the second edition of our "e-Learning Ecologies" MOOC course. It has just gone online in Coursera, and already we have over 1000 participants enrolled! The course starts on 19 January. Tell others, take this link for a course overview...More

  • New Teaching & Learning with Scholar Blog Post

    I've just written a new post at the Teaching & learning with Scholar Blog that explains how creators can request informal feedback on their works, before or outside of the formal peer review process in Creator-Publisher

    Check it out here...More

  • Scholar Software Updates

    Please be sure to stop by the Scholar website's Software Updates blog on a regular basis, especially if you are encountering a bug. We may be announcing a fix!

  • Members are Invited to Post

    The Scholar User Group is an unrestricted community. That means any member is welcome to post an update here.

    Discussions of Scholar, its design and uses, and any other educational technology, method, or theory are most welcome.

  • Groups Using Scholar Now

    Scholar's beta was released early in Summer 2012. Already using Scholar are a cluster of schools in the greater Canberra region of Australia and an online Master's course at the University of Illinois College of Education. In the Fall, a New York...More