Global Studies’s Updates

  • 2018 Plenary Speaker – Darren J. O’Byrne

    The Eleventh Global Studies Conference is pleased to announce Darren J. O’Byrne as a 2018 Plenary Speaker

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  • Renowned Sociologist Ulrich Beck Has Died

    Below is an excerpt from an article concerning the death of Ulrich Beck, who was a Plenary Speaker at the Fifth Global Studies Conference in 2012.

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / International Students’ Committee by CC BY-SA 3.0


  • These 8 Places in Europe Could Be the Next to Try for Independence

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Kippelboy under CC BY-SA 3.0 | Article Link | by Rick Noack

    Given Europe's complicated history and cultural diversity, the existence of independence-minded groups and regions is...More

  • As Ebola's Spread Continues, Warnings of an Inadequate Global Response

    Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons / Dr. Randal J. Schoepp / Army Medicine | Article Link | by Karen Weintraub

    The battle against Ebola is winnable, public health officials say, but a growing chorus of institut...More

  • Myanmar's Young Tourism Entrepreneurs

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Jean-Marie Hullot | Article Link | by Kayleigh Long

    Since almost five decades of rule by a military junta came to an end in Myanmar (also known as Burma) in 2011, a growing number of touri...More

  • Remittances and Growth: Gone Missing

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Faisal Akram | Article Link | by S.H

    Can remittances help poor countries to grow rich? In many countries, the money received from workers who are toiling abroad represents a signifi...More

  • Beijing to the US by train: China outlines plans to connect world by high speed rail network

    Image courtesy of Magnus Manske / WikiMedia Commons | Article Link | by Tomas Jivanda

    China has outlined its plan to connect the world by high-speed rail, including an underwater link to the US running a total 13,000...More

  • Piketty’s Fair-Weather Friends | Article Link | by Seth Ackerman

    In a Jacobin essay last fall, Mike Beggs and I argued that the themes of inequality and social class — central issues to the classical economists who founded the discipline two centuries ag...More

  • Tiananmen: How Wrong We Were

    Photo courtesy of Daduzi / WikiMedia Commons | Article Link | by Jonathan Mirsky

    Twenty-five years ago to the day I write this, I watched and listened as thousands of Chinese citizens in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square dared to...More

  • China: Building the Dream

    Image courtesy of Rolfmueller / Wikimedia Commons | Original Article | by James Miles

    SOME HISTORIANS BELIEVE that Marco Polo never went to China. But even if the 13th-century Venetian merchant did not lay eyes on the co...More