Community Members

  • Diogo Guedes Vidal

    Diogo Guedes Vidal

    Sociologist, Researcher and PhD Student in Environmental Sociology at UFP Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit, Porto, Portugal

  • Yash Patel

    Yash Patel

    Aspiring to become a policy maker and diplomat in the field of International Relations. MS in Political Science with specialization in IR.

  • Richard Campbell

    Richard Campbell

    Founder and inventor of geological agriculture (GeoAg) - the study of growing plants in rocks without soils and fertilizers. Lives in MD

  • Melissa Falen

    Melissa Falen

    Former collegiate coach, current professor; teaching & faculty governance = academic passions; nature, hiking & Cape Cod = personal passions

  • Catherine Nakashidze

    Catherine Nakashidze

    Expert in integrated environmental management, founder of Ecodomus environmental center for kids in Georgia, Tbilisi