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Images from 500 Years of Books Are Now on Flickr—and They Could Change the Way We See Books Permanently | Article Link | by Caitlin Dewey

Attempts to digitize the world’s 129 million books have focused, almost exclusively, on their text. But a fascinating collaboration by Georgetown University fellow Kalev Leetaru, in partnership with Flickr and the Internet Archive, will attempt to modernize 500 years of literary heritage in a new, and entirely of-the-Web, way: by pulling the images from more than 2 million books, tagging their themes, and making them available on Flickr.

There are charming vintage ads for horse-drawn carriages and coffee. Early illustrations of D.C.’s city plans. Stunning, sepia-toned photos of national parks and landmarks.

And all of them are in the public domain, which means you can save, repurpose or Pinterest them more or less as you see fit.