Scheduling Your Presentation

Scheduling Your Presentation


In order for your presentation to be scheduled in the Conference Program, the following must be complete:

  • You must have an accepted proposal for the conference. You can review the status of your proposal from the 'My Events' section of your CGScholar account.

    If you cannot locate a proposal on your account, you may not have successfully submitted your proposal. You may need to attempt to submit it again.

    If your proposal appears in the List of Accepted Proposals on the conference website, but does not appear on your CGScholar account, you likely have multiple CGScholar accounts. In this case, please submit a support ticket with "Multiple CGScholar Accounts" as the subject line.

  • You must also have a completed registration, including payment, of a registration types that corresponds to your proposal type. A virtual registration corresponds to virtual presentations while all other registrations (full registration, one-day regsitration, returning member registration etc.) correspond to in-person presentations. For a comprehensive list of in-person and virtual presentation types, please see this page on Conference Presentation Guidelines.
  • Your presentation must have a unique registration associated with it. If you submitted a proposal and are a co-presenter for another, but are the only one of your delegation who has completed a registration, only one of the presentations will be scheduled until a colleague completes their registration.

    Note that in this case, the default presentation to be scheduled will be the proposal that you presented. If none of your colleagues will be able to attend the conference and you would prefer to transfer your scheduling to a different presentation, please submit a support ticket.

  • Your proposal and registration must be on the same account. To check please go to your "My Events," page.
    • Hover over "Logged in as..."
    • Click on "My Events".
    • Your proposal should be listed as accepted and your registration marked paid. If you believe that you have completed your payment, but your registration is marked unpaid, please make sure you do not have another account in CGScholar. In this case, submit a support ticket with "Multiple CGSCholar Accounts" as the subject line.

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