Final Submission | Article Requirements

The Final Submission Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your final submission will not need to be returned.

Final Submission | Article Requirements

Accurate References & Citations

  • The references list and all internal citations must meet the guidelines outlined by the seventeenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS17).
    • Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style or our Citation Guide for instructions and examples.
  • All in-text citations must be cited in the reference list and all sources in the reference list must be cited within the article.
    • It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure the accuracy of citations.
  • Sources accessed online must include a DOI or URL.
  • All non-English titles in your reference list must include an English translation following the title in the original language.

Formatted in the CGRN Template

  • All final submissions must be formatted using Common Ground’s journal article template.
  • The page layout, margins, fonts, styles, and all other settings of the template must not be altered in any way.
  • Final submissions must be uploaded as a doc or docx file. (No PDF files.)

Informed Consent

  • All submissions must comply with the Informed Consent for Human and Animal Rights statement.
  • This applies to the use of data, surveys, interviews, and photographs, especially in the case of students in the classroom.
  • When informed consent has been obtained it must be indicated in the final submission.

Images, Graphics, Visual Elements

  • All figures, tables, images, etc. must credit a “source” of the image or content.
    • If it was created or generated by the author(s), then please list the author(s) last name.
  • If you are using images or content which are someone else’s, be certain this qualifies as fair use or be certain you have permission to use the image or content.
  • Visit our Fair Use and Permissions support page to determine the right source of action for you and your article publication.

Additional Requirements: “Accepted If Revised” Articles

Change Note

If your article has been “Accepted with Revisions,” you must complete a change note to accompany your final submission.

Professional Editing

If a reviewer has recommended professional editing or proofreading by a friend or coworker, this must be completed.

Other Notes and Reminders for the Final Submission

  • If your abstract or keywords have changed, please include an updated abstract and keyword set.
  • Please refrain from using any of the "citations and bibliography" tools or features in Microsoft Word. These are not editor-friendly software tools and they cause numerous problems during typesetting. Citations and references should be entered as regular text without the aid of any special features or tools.
  • Please insert all images as .jpg files. Please keep image resolution below 300 DPI but above 200 DPI.
  • In case of symbols, please only insert symbols using standard fonts (e.g., WingDings, Arial Unicode MS).
  • Please do not use advanced MS Word features such as automatic reference tools, drawing objects, automatic table of contents and table of indexes, bookmarks, background or font colors, highlighting, strike-through, embossing, or any other complex MS Word feature.
    MS Word footnote/endnote tools are one exception to this rule.

All Final Submissions must meet these requirements. Final Submissions which do not meet these requirements will be returned for revision.

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