Submit a Book Proposal

To submit a book proposal, please download the form using the button below. Remember to gather the required materials listed and include these when emailing the completed proposal form to

  • CV of corresponding author/editor
  • CVs of any other primary authors/editors
  • Introductory chapter
  • Any copyright/permissions documentation, if applicable.
  • Five to ten pages explaining the theory and research for the manuscript (not required for Edited Collection or Curated Series)
  • Two to three sample chapters best representing your work (not required for Edited Collection or Curated Series)
Common Ground Research Networks accepts proposals for the following book types:
  • Single and Multi-author Books
  • Classics with New Introductions
  • Edited Collections: A collection of related works, often different articles or short essays, converted into chapters of a book.

Please note: We do not publish fiction or theses. If you convert your thesis to book format, we will review proposals for that as well. However, we will not review a thesis if sent in before converting it to a book.

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