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Journal Article Submissions

Article submissions can be created by starting a new submission or by transforming an accepted event proposal into an article.

Please note, all article submissions require a CGScholar Account

If you do not have an account, you must first create one to begin your article submission. For assistance with creating an account or resetting your login, please visit Create an Account or How to Reset an Account Password.

Begin a New Article Submission

Article submissions can be submitted to the journal of your choice. Begin a new article submission by clicking the journal title or journal collection.

Transform an Accepted Event Proposal

Every event has a designated journal or journal collection. You can transform your accepted event proposal into a journal article. Start by learning more about the publication process. Then make sure your article meets the journal article requirements. Once you've made certain that your article is ready to submit, click on the event title below to begin.

Check on an Existing Article Submission

This portal is exclusively for English language article submissions.
Para enviar un artículo en español a una de nuestras revistas en español, visite: Envío de Artículos

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