Requesting Student Registration, Returning Member or Returning Student Registration

Follow the steps below to learn how to request a Returning Member or Returning Student Registration:

1. Navigate to the website of the conference of your choice and select the 'Registration' tab from the menu bar. Under the 'Local Discounts' tab, find the Local and Local Student Registration Options.

2. Under the 'Returning Member Discounts', find the Returning Member and Returning Student Registration tables. This will include a breakdown of prices corresponding with the registration deadlines. Please note that deadlines update automatically and the system will display the price of the current registration deadline. To register, select the blue REGISTER button at the bottom of the table.

3. You will be taken to the following screen. If you already have a CGScholar account, please log in at this time using the prompt box under Registration Options and Extras. If you do not have a CGScholar account, select the radio button next to 'I need a Scholar Account' and proceed*.

4. After you have logged into your CGScholar account or created a CGScholar account as a first-time user, scroll down on the same page. You will see a list of registration options with descriptions, quantity, price, and total sum columns.

In unrestricted registration options, users can select the number of each registration that they would like in the quantity column.

For restricted registrations like the Local and Local Student, users must click the 'Request' button instead. Please note that users must be logged into their CGScholar account in order for the 'Request' button to function. First-time users need to create their CGScholar account and then return to the registration page to proceed.

5. Clicking the 'Request' button will prompt a dialogue box to appear with the option to attach a file or document. The file or document should be proof of a prior or existing membership or a paid registration (invoice) from a previous conference.

For those requesting the Returning Student rate, please also include a page with proof of enrollment in the same document as your proof of prior/existing membership or paid registration (invoice) from a previous conference.

6. Once the request has been submitted, a member of Common Ground's staff will review the request. Please allow 1-2 business days for your registration request to be reviewed. If the request is approved, the user will receive an email notification with a direct link to complete registration. The user will be able to now add the restricted registration to their cart and proceed with checkout.

Please note: we do not allow high school students or anyone under the age of 18 years old to present at the conferences.

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