Phase 6 | Final Typesetting


Once all copyediting corrections have been resolved in Phase 5 | Copy Editing, you will receive a typeset proof. You will be asked to inspect and approve the typeset proof for publication. Once approved, your manuscript will move into Phase 7 | Publication.

Please note that no content updates to the manuscript can be made in this phase.

Step-by-Step Guide | Responding to Publishing Admin Requests

Step 1Sign in to CGPublisher 

You will receive an email from the CGRN Journal Publishing Team that your manuscript has completed Phase 5 | Copy Editing and that a typeset proof is now available for your inspection and publication approval. Sign in to CGPublisher with your CGScholar account information and download the typeset proof from the Documents tab of your Works page.

Step 2: Inspect and Approve the Typeset Proof

All text is final unless an error is found. If an error is found, please annotate the typeset proof PDF and upload the revised document to the Documents tab on your Works page. If no errors are found, respond using the Task / Queries tab of your Works page with your approval for publication. Please refer to the Messaging via Tasks / Queries guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I do if there is an error in my typeset proof? While all text in the typeset proof is final, corrections can be made if an error is found. Please annotate the typeset proof PDF and upload your revised copy to the Documents tab of your Works page. Do not make further edits to the copy edit documents. The CGRN Journal Publishing Team will review your requested revisions and make corrections if appropriate. 

How long does it take for my article to be published after approval? Your article will be published online first, usually within seven working days.

How do I know when my article has been published? You will receive a message from your Publishing Admin with the relevant information when your article has been published online first. 

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