Virtual Participation

Virtual Participation

Purpose and Goals

Virtual Presentations are designed for delegates who will not be able to attend conferences in person, but would still like to have their work presented. Whether you have an in-person or virtual registration type, we invite you to submit your work as a Virtual Session. In order to support more inclusive participation, virtual sessions enable participants to present work to a body of peers and to engage with colleagues from afar, bringing global ideas to the local.
We also attempt to foster quality feedback for virtual participants through promotion on our Community pages within CGScholar.

Ways to Present Virtually

We offer two forms of Virtual Presentation: Virtual Posters and Virtual Lightning Talks.

  • Virtual Lightning Talks are videos presented on the network YouTube channel and displayed at the conference. This format is perfect for summaries of research and discussions on purpose, methodology, outcomes, or future work. You can learn more about preparing your Virtual Lightning Talk on this Knowledge Base page.
  • Virtual Posters are displayed using data projectors at the conference. Similar to in-person Poster Sessions, Virtual Posters are ideal for displaying on-going and preliminary work in a visual and engaging manner. You can download the template for your Virtual Poster and learn more about preparing your poster on this Knowledge Base page.

How to Present Virtually

You can present your work virtually by following these steps:

  1. Submit your proposal. Review the types of virtual proposals available (see above) and submit your proposal through either the "Event" section of CGScholar or the "Call for Papers" section of the respective conference website. You can review how to submit a proposal, and the necessary guidelines for proposal submission, on this Knowledge Base page.
  2. Complete your virtual registration. Once your proposal has been accepted, you will need to register for the conference before your proposal will be scheduled. All registrations -virtual and in person- include a membership to the Research Network associated with the conference. You can review how to register for a conference on this Knowledge Base page.
  3. Upload your final submission. You should submit your YouTube link (Virtual Lightning Talk) or final file as an attachment (Virtual Poster) in a support ticket no later than one month prior to the start of the conference. Our staff will review your submission and add it the respective playlists for the conference. We encourage you to include your other social links in your presentation so that peers can engage with your presentation at the conference.
  4. We recommend submitting your file or link as soon as possible so that you may make any necessary changes with plenty of time before the conference. After one month prior to the conference, you will not be able to make any further changes to your submission.
  5. Update your CGScholar profile. Your CGScholar profile is the source for your biographical information in the program, which includes your affiliations etc. Additionally, you should keep your profile up-to-date so that you may better engage with peers on the platform. You can learn how to update your CGScholar profile on this Knowledge Base page.
  6. Engage with peers. Your Virtual Presentation will be uploaded to the CGScholar community page associated with your conference. You will receive feedback on your presentation here, can engage with other presentations, and answer questions your peers may have about your work. We also highly encourage you to include your other social links (ie: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in your presentation to engage with delegates at the conference.
  7. Enjoy your membership benefits. All virtual registrations come with a membership to the Research Network associated with the conference. Be sure to take advantage of your access to the Journal Collection in our bookstore and all of the other advantages afforded to Network members. You can learn more about membership and membership benefits in this section of the Knowledge Base.

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