Millennial North Korea

By: Suk Young Kim  

North Korea might be known as the world’s most secluded society, but during the new millennium it too has witnessed the rapid rise of new media technologies. While the North Korean state is anxiously trying to catch up with the world standard when it comes to communication technology, it is also faced with the need to block the open influx of outside information by designing its own "intranet" for its people. In a country where the smuggling of foreign media is still punishable by public execution, how do North Koreans manage to access outside information? By taking a deep dive into how intellectual property and copyright are creatively reconstituted in North Korea, this paper asks how millennials in North Korea circumvent the constant watch of state surveillance and adopt new technology to see the world beyond the national borders.

North Korea, Cell Phones, Surveillance, Creativity
Technologies in Society
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Suk Young Kim

Professor, Theater, UCLA