Slipping Through the Net

By: Jayne Klenner  

Every day more and more of our lives are moved to the Internet (Net). This paper looks at how disruptive technologies merging on the Net affect our social interactions and how the nature of our identities and behaviours online shape our personal interactions and create cultural change. Who are we online? As the Net expands and invades more and more of our life, how do we adapt to the changes? What will artificial intelligence do to how we communicate online? And the really big question is what happens when the Net goes down.

Internet, Social Communication via the Internet, Disruptive Technologies, AI
Technologies in Society
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Jayne Klenner

Associate Professor, Computers & Information Systems , King's College , United States
PA , United States

Professor of Computers & Information systems. I love working with GIS as it bridges all disciplines and can be utilized by anyone. I work hard to see that my students stand back and look at the world as patterns of information that can be explained and shared with maps. While not everyone needs to be able to program with GIS, everyone should understand the value of good data and the stories that can be told with data visualization.