"Slacking" for Success

By: Harvey Hyman   Ian O'Toole  

This paper reports on the use of collaboration tools to augment team-based assignments as a framework for the development and delivery of project-based group exercises throughout the semester. Experiences from the use of two specific collaboration tools are discussed, detailing unforeseen advantages and performance limitations. A discussion is presented on using a team-based approach and project-based exercises for student group assignments and how the use of a collaboration tool helped to facilitate greater teamwork through the frequency of communication and a structured platform for learning beyond classroom discussions and asynchronous contact methods such as email and text messaging.

Collaboration Tools, Educational Frameworks, Project-Based Learning, Team-based Learning
Ubiquitous Learning
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Harvey Hyman

Instructor, IS/DS, University of South Florida, United States
United States

Researcher and Instructor in Database Theory and Practice at University of South Florida

Mr Ian O'Toole