The Motives of Using Massive Open Online Courses from Students’ Perspectives

By: Ahmed Aldraiweesh  

This study aimed to investigate the motives of using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from students’ perspective of Open Learning Platform (Rawq), to identify the difficulties they faced, to identify the most important reasons behind students’ dropout from such courses, as well as to check the statistical significant differences on students’ motives toward using (MOOCs) according to their gender, age, academic level. To achieve these goals, the study used the descriptive and analytical approach and an electronic questionnaire was distributed to the study sample that consist of (772) male and female students who enrolled in the Open Learning Platform (Rawq). The study found that the availability of (MOOCs) to everybody for free is the most common motive for students to use these courses, followed by the increasing self-learning skills, learning is fun, and feeling confident to learn new things. The study also identified the main difficulties that faced students while using (MOOCs).

MOOCS, Self Learning, Difficulties
Technologies and Human Usability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Ahmed Aldraiweesh

Associate Professor of Educational Technology , Educational Technology Department, King Saud University

Associate Professor of Educational Technology