The Role of Modern Startups on Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovations

By: Ali Mamhouri  

In the present era, there have been significant changes in all aspects of life including the fields of innovation and business. In general, a startup is a team made of a group of capable individuals aiming to discover a competitive and scalable business model. The uncertainties such as the unclear pathway and also high risk in all aspects of the business are the major characteristics of such teams. The ability to create new added value and promptitude are of the advantages of such teams. The modern startup is an organization seeks for genuineness, creation, and innovation in all the aspects of its business while understanding the present commercial common structures and its environment. These programs have indirect but deep impacts on these early-stage startups. Therefore, in this incubator, a harmonic family including modern startups are being formed. Not only trust is being formed between the teams, the incubator and the technology park, but also the secure environment resulted from such trust impacts the management technique of this environment very deeply. In this regard, the next decade can be called the decade of starts-ups’ self-management in their locating environments including innovation centers, incubators, technology parks and innovation environments (in global scale). In this paper, we will discuss the traditional incubators and modern innovation centers.

Areas of Innovations, Environment, Incubator, Modern Startups, Science and Technology
Technologies in Society
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Dr. Ali Mamhouri

PhD, Researcher, Aligarh Muslim University

Ph.D of Business Administration Aligarh Muslim University, India