Does Internet Use Influence Our Perception of Well-being?

By: Sabrina Femenia Mulet  

The present study demonstrates if internet use influences peoples well-being. After reviewing the bibliography, and based on the Ryff model of well-being, we are evaluating data from 37,000 individuals, in order to analyze different factors that influence their well-being perception. We have examined subjective and objective variables based on the six dimensions of Ryff model, mixed with others factors such as education and specific skills people have, and, use of internet and its relation with their well-being perception. We demonstrate a correlation between different variables, and also differences intra and inter countries. Our work is still in progress, but we can present the model and preliminary results.

Well-being, Internet, Education
Technologies in Society
Poster/Exhibit Session

Sabrina Femenia Mulet

Student, Research, Ingenio UPV CSIC, Spain