The Impact of New Technologies on the Production of Television News

By: Steven C. Koehn  

This is an investigation of the impact of robotics, A.I. writing programs and new wireless technologies on the production of television news. In less than twenty years, the television news studio has gone from an average of over twenty crew members necessary to produce the newscast to an average of three or less as new technologies replaced newsroom personnel. Now, while research has been conducted on the loss of certain television positions and their impact upon the job field due to technological changes, the impact upon the quality of the news programming has not been investigated. In this study, on-going qualitative data is being collected from four television stations’ news programs as new technologies are being implemented in the news production process. Presently, the data consists of interviews with individuals at news stations who have experienced the technological changes shift in the production of the news and a content analysis of the trade articles that relate to the new production processes and observed effects. The ability to present quality news reports for the public to make critical decisions is paramount for a democratic existence. However, research has shown that technological determinism shapes the development of cultural values quite frequently in un-foreseen ways. Are we facing a situation where these new technologies subvert the production of news or not? Thus, the preliminary findings of the study will be presented in regards to the impact of new technologies in television news production and the implications of the changes.

Robotics, News Production, Television, A.I. Writing Programs, Wireless, Technological Determinism
Technologies and Human Usability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Steven C. Koehn

General Manager of UINDY TV and Assistant Professor of Electronic Media, Communication, University of Indianapolis, United States
IN, United States

Dr. Steven C. Koehn is the General Manager of the University of Indianapolis television station and a member of the Department of Communication. Dr. Koehn specializes in teaching broadcasting and film production and serves advisor for both the National Broadcasting Society and UINDY Film Club. Dr. Koehn has both national and international teaching and broadcasting experience in both academic and professional settings. An avid sailor and surfer, Dr. Koehn has traveled to numerous countries to experience both the winds and the waves.