Information Technology Governance in Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

By: Melina Mutambaie-Katende  

This paper explores the implications of decentralized autonomous organisations by examining a blockchain operating system for collective intelligence called DAOStack. This technology may diminish the role of IT directors in the future because it provides ways to efficiently automate governance activities. The paper provides a comparative analysis to highlight the factors that affect decision-making in hierarchical organisations and decentralized autonomous organisations. The study suggests that DAOs facilitate collaboration and decision making from directors. Recommendations include promoting influence-oriented skills in governance as oppose to hard skills like reporting, auditing, budget management, and managing contractual agreements.

Governance, Autonomous Organizations, Hierarchies
2019 Special Focus: The Social Impact of AI: Policies and New Governance Models for Social Change
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Miss Melina Mutambaie-Katende

South Africa
South Africa