Citizenship, Proactive Tourism and Multimedia Communities

By: Liviya Kazantseva   Paola Nicolini  

This project intention is to continue the studies undertaken on the dynamics of social interaction which are being held with existing myCicero, a hypermedial platform of integrated services (ticketing, transport, museums, POIs, itineraries, events) linked to the territory, through the creation of joining supportive users. With increasing availability of multimedia devices, not only tourist impressions on the territory involved are becoming a goal, but also social relations that take place online. Many applications are directly downloadable to the user’s gadget. However in very few cases these apps include the aspect of social networking. In this particular case, the study focuses on the dynamics of social interaction that arises from the discussions referred to the points of interest of Marche region. Our research is aimed to estimate the platform's usability according to users' age/ generation groups, social status, education, interests and location. We analyze users' feedback to improve application visual perception and positive yield in the sphere of technology-person interaction. The analysis on the basis of tech-person interaction is supported by a multi-method methodology that assume dialogue between the human and social sciences (focus group, interview, questioning) and the UX Design (for example, eyes tracking technology). Focus groups are intended on the analysis of technical data on registered users on the site and application.

UX Design, Lifelong Learning, Integrated Multimedia Services, Application, Visual Perception
Technologies and Human Usability
Poster/Exhibit Session

Liviya Kazantseva

PhD Student, Università degli studi di Macerata, Italy

Paola Nicolini

Professor, Università degli studi di MAcerata, Italy