The Challenge of Integrating Technology into the Curriculum of Developing Countries

By: Paula Mac Kinnon   Gregory MacKinnon   Heather Hemming  

The potential for technology to empower education in public schools is undeniable yet the choice of appropriate technologies remains a challenge considering the digital divide that exists within developing countries. Using the Caribbean context as a backdrop, this paper will resist a "technoromantic" approach to leveraging new tools and instead examine the practical challenges associated with implementing relevant, culturally sensitive curriculum. This paper will address several curriculum projects that been undertaken in the Caribbean region. In particular, the inherent action research (mixed methods) has allowed us to glean unique insight into the perspectives and definitions that regional leaders hold for technology integration. As a result, we recommend a strategy for assisting them move forward in developing curriculum that models international best practice.

Technology Integration, Developing Countries, Curriculum
Technologies and Human Usability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Paula Mac Kinnon

MindBloom Consulting, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada

Former Vice President (Student Affairs) at Acadia University. Central role in leading the "Acadia Advantage" technology integration initiative, the first cross -campus laptop university in Canada. Currently the Principal of MindBloom Consulting, a full service educational consulting firm that serves learning communities/educational systems including but not limited to, Caribbean nations.

Dr. Gregory MacKinnon

Professor of Science & Technology Education, School of Education, Acadia University

Graduate Coordinator; Chairperson of Internationl Practica - Research Interests Include: Technology use in public school classrooms & in higher education, concept mapping & critical thinking, constructivist approaches in science classrooms and educational leadership in developing countries.

Dr. Heather Hemming

Vice President, Acadia University

Dr. Hemming is a Teacher Education Professor specializing in literacy studies. She is co-leader of the technology initiative:"Teaching in the Age of Technology".