Ischemic Heart Disease Diagnosis Expert System

By: Dan Bouhnik   Maayan Zhitomirsky Geffet   Gila Prebor  

Expert systems are one of technology's greatest contributions to society today, particularly medical systems which may improve people's quality of life and even actually help save lives. In this research we will design and develop the technology for an expert system for doctors for the diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) and determination of its' severity, by monitoring and analyzing symptoms predefined by cardiac experts and researchers. IHDs are characterized by a decrease in the supply of blood to the myocardium, i.e. a discrepancy between the hearts' demand for oxygen and the actual blood flow to the heart. The purpose of this research is to develop an expert system which will aid doctors diagnosing cardiac patients and help them decide which tests are necessary and what is the best possible method of treatment, all while constituting a reliable basis for an information system. We will try to develop an information system which will analyze the disease as a human being would. In order to do so we will utilize artificial intelligence. We will examine two mathematical systems for the product development, diagnosis and solution. We will attempt to tailor the system so it will present diagnostic results as close as possible to human analysis.

Ischemic Heart Disease, Expert System
Technologies in Society
Poster/Exhibit Session

Dan Bouhnik

Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, Jerusalem College of Technology

Maayan Zhitomirsky Geffet

Senior Lecturer, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Gila Prebor

Senior Lecturer, Bar Ilan University, Israel