Marking and Making Time

By: Victoria Pitts Taylor  

Video blogs are a highly popular way for people to narrate and share their experiences of gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy and other modes of physical transition. Video bloggers use a variety of methods to mark the time it takes to transition, and to communicate the hardships caused by medical and legal barriers that slow down the process. This paper examines the ways that time and temporality are measured and crafted in video blogs of gender transition, and considers the relationship between physical, embodied and virtual temporalities as they converge in these forms of social media.

Transgender, Video Blogs, Temporality
Technologies in Society
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Victoria Pitts Taylor

Professor, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Wesleyan University, United States
United States

Victoria Pitts-Taylor is author of three books and editor of two volumes on the body and culture. Her latest book, The Brain's Body: Neuroscience and Corporeal Politics, won the Feminist Philosophy of Science Award from the Philosophy of Science Association, and the Robert K. Merton Book Award from the American Sociological Association. Her other books are In the Flesh: the Cultural Politics of Body Modification, Surgery Junkies: Wellness and Pathology in Cosmetic Culture, The Cultural Encyclopedia of the Body (ed.), and Mattering: Feminism, Science and Materialism (ed.).