Learning through Unlearning

By: Miquel Colobran   Stephen Cheskiewicz  

A recent study examining perceptions of information security identified that people are mostly concerned about potential day-to-day threats that can affect them, and more importantly, their children. The study also found that most people don’t understand how to protect themselves because they have not been well educated about how to use technology safely and effectively. The authors suggest the need for courses or full educational programs in digital living. Our study examines how perceptions of digital natives differ from digital immigrants in that digital immigrants have real-world, pre-online experience to better put the use of online resources into context, as digital natives have less of an understanding in separating their virtual world from the real world. Our digital technology involves new advantages and new risks, only by means of education can these risks be mitigated.

Security, Identity, Education
Technologies in Knowledge Sharing
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Miquel Colobran

Barcelona, Spain

Doctor in Computer Science by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Currently a full member of the international association  Computer Applications and Quantiative Methods in Archaeology. Membjer of the Special Intererest Group (SIG) in Complex Systems Simulation. Network Association Member of Europeana and reviewer of several journals related to security and archaeology.

Dr. Stephen Cheskiewicz

Assistant Professor, School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies, Pennsylvania College of Technology, United States
PA, United States

Dr. Stephen Cheskiewicz holds a doctorate in Educational Technology from Wilkes University with a research interest in faculty readiness to teach emergent technologies. He has presented at numerous national and regional EDUCAUSE events in the United States, at the European Conference on Education in London, the International Technology, Knowledge, and Society Conferences in Madrid, Spain and San Francisco, and the International Confererence of Education, Research & Innovation in Seville, Spain. He has been a peer reviewer for numerous national and international academic conferences and journals. He is a revision reviewer and supplement creator for numerous Pearson Education textbooks.