AI and the Hyperinflation of Supremacy

By: Paul Hawkins  

This paper examines the relationship between supremacist sociopolitical systems and AI, each of which has been developing along its own temporal trajectory. It fundamentally asks whether those trajectories are converging in the early twenty-first century, and if so, what consequences may result. Of particular interest is the problem of hyperinflation, whereby AI may supplant human cognition as supremacy’s propellant, thereby geometrically growing its structural influence. If this hyperinflation of supremacy is indeed on the horizon, this paper will suggest how social justice activism may likewise need to rapidly evolve in order to create future anti-supremacist countermeasures.

AI, Social Justice
2019 Special Focus: The Social Impact of AI: Policies and New Governance Models for Social Change
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Paul Hawkins

Board Chair, Working Diversity, Inc., United States
PA, United States

Paul Henry Hawkins, Ph.D. is board chair of Working Diversity, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that helps individuals develop the competencies essential to leading diversity change initiatives. In recent years Paul has helped people working in more than 80 organizations in the United States and Canada tackle a range of diversity and inclusion challenges. Always eager to help energize new social change agents, Paul also teaches at the University of Pittsburgh's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, writes scholarly articles about organizational and community diversity, and regularly conducts diversity-themed workshops at major academic and industry conferences. Reflecting his belief that sustainable social change requires tenacious, long-term, evidence-based organizating, Paul marries his social justice orientation to his expertise in strategic planning, project management, and business analysis--three disciplines in which he is professionally certified.