Education through Mobile Devices for a Course of Mathematical Analysis

By: Idania Esther Urrutia Romaní  

The emergence of the Information Technologies and Communications has been a substantial change in the nature of research and teaching. The first references that are about the use of ICT in Mathematics is through Computer Assistants. As a result of the rapid progress that these technologies have experienced, today we can think of a new conception of learning mediated by the use of mobile devices and beyond, work network, allowing you to extend the class and this scenario the creation of communities of online education. This paper proposes a Methodological Proposal based on teaching using mobile devices for a course of Mathematical Analysis of Computer Science students. Are specified digital, personal and communication competences needed for this purpose as well as Math competences. Likewise the status of applicability of the M-Learning in Cuba and in specific in the University of Havana from the creation of technological classrooms features.

M-Learning, Competences, Mathematics
Ubiquitous Learning
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Idania Esther Urrutia Romaní

Profesor , Matematica, Universidad de la Habana

Profesora de Analisis Matematico desde hace mas de 20 años, trabajo con estudiantes de Computacion por lo que me interesa fundamentalmente la enseñanza utilizando la Tecnologia