By: Erhan Sinay   Thomas Ryan  

Herein we suggest a person today will be confronted with multiple blue light emitting screens daily. Exposure and time attending to these screens is a concern, issue and focus of much research locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our purpose was to develop an integrative and reflexive understanding of screen time as it impacts people of all ages both physically and mentally. In doing so we illuminated several problematic areas of concern for children, youth and adults thereby ascertaining whether screen time was positive or a negative phenomenon. Some research suggests many negative outcomes for those with high rates of screen time and other investigators point towards positive impacts of screen time. Perhaps, if Health is a priority, screen time is not an issue, if the person remains healthy.

Screen Time, Health
Technologies and Human Usability
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Erhan Sinay

Research Coordinator, Toronto District School Board, Canada

Thomas Ryan

Professor, Education, Nipissing University, Canada
Ontario, Canada

Full Professor of Graduate Studies in Education