Online Exam Policy and Procedure in Higher Education

By: Wei-Ying Hsiao   Manfen W Chen   Hsing-Wen Hu  

The online course are getting popular in the past decade. However, there have been concerns about the academic integrity in online education. The concerns are not only to ensure students who enrolled in an online course who are doing their assignments, but also who are taking the online examinations. Further, the challenges about online exams are students using technology for cheating on exams. Different institutions have different online exam taking requirements and procedures. The purpose of this study is to analyze different online exam policies and procedures in higher education. The recommendations of the paper will promote the academic integrated to online education.

Online Teaching, Exams
Technologies in Knowledge Sharing
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Wei-Ying Hsiao

Manfen W Chen

Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance, University of Southern Indiana

I received Doctor of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University in 2003 and is currently an associate professor of Finance at University of Southern Indiana. I have published papers in numerous journals such as Journal of Regulatory Economics, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting, Marketing Education Review, and The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society, and etc.

Dr. Hsing-Wen Hu