The ABC's of Online Dating

By: Martin Salas  

The main focus of this research is teenagers’ views and relationships with online dating. The dimensions of online dating include love, time, accessibility, and communication. The concept of love was defined as a fun influence of support and trust, time was a struggle for long-distanced partners yet they found time to manage and prioritize, and accessibility and communication were related to online dating from the apps technology had given them that led to a growing communication between many lovers. The impacts of online dating towards teens were comprised of how aware they had become with the challenges of dating online, and how they were benefited with the support through difficulties. The lived experiences of the participants involved in online dating specified how they went through many labors of building trust and opening up to people, as well their conflicts and their opinions on how they felt towards this topic. In conclusion, the dimensions of online dating were love, time, accessibility, and communication. The impacts of online dating towards the teens interviewed are how they had become more aware of difficulties in relationship building and how they had been benefited with support and comfort, and the lived experiences of the said teens vary from being fun, hard, useful, or opposed. A recommendation for teenagers involved in online dating was to balance one’s focus in their online relationship and personal priorities like studies.

Social Media, Relationships, Lived experiences, Online dating, Teenagers
Media Cultures
Focused Discussion

Martin Salas

Student Researcher, Lorma Colleges Basic Education School, Lorma Colleges basic Education School, Philippines