The Role of Media Licensing Companies in the Age of Disinformation

By: Aliide Naylor  

Media licensing companies are a relatively new phenomenon. From Storyful, to Jukin, to Viralhog, various companies are cropping up, ready to register user-generated content (UGC) and sell it to the mainstream press. But what checks and verifications does this content undergo? Often animal videos from "western" suppliers are a big sell, but to what extent could such companies be used for nefarious purposes in the age of disinformation and fake news, especially with regards to videos from non-"western" countries? This paper explores how media licensing companies can both distribute and prevent disinformation.

UGC, User, Generated, Content, Disinformation, Open-Source, Fake, News, Verification, Video
Media Business
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Aliide Naylor

Journalist, Freelance, United Kingdom
United Kingdom