Understanding Style and Artistry of Hansal Mehta

By: Sparsh Sanwal  

A good director creates a playground and allows you to play. Similarly, the vision of contemporary film director Hansal Mehta succeeds in manifesting itself through all of his film capturing his style essential, which many consider phenomenal. Mehta is a contemporary director in the Hindi film industry, with ten films under his belt as a director and several other films worked in the capacity of the scriptwriter, he is known to cinema, but it has been only in very recent time that his work has been noticed, a few of them being:  Shahid (2013) Citylights (2014) Aligrah (2015) Simran (2017). Be it his earliest cookery shows Khana Khazana on television or his first film Amrita, Hansal Mehta time and again showcased a unique perspective. A perspective that warrants study.  The present paper attempts to get a clearer perspective of the filmmaker and his work through a close reading of his select films. The auteur theory explains the idea of a filmmaker being considered the author of his/her film. In this case, a filmmaker with extensive contribution is analyzed.

Contemporary, Cinema, Auteur theory, Hindi film industry and Filmmaker
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Sparsh Sanwal

Student, Media and Communication, Christ University, India