Terms and Conditions in Social Media

By: Rufus Barigala  

In this era where dependency on technology and social media is almost unavoidable, social media has become integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. We tend to place ourselves in a vulnerable situation without thorough knowledge about it. This research focuses on studying the things we sign up for unknowingly when we accept the terms and conditions of any social media platform. The scope of the study is to understand user-behavior with them and to find out if users contemplate before continuing to use these platforms even after they find out the merits and demerits of using these sites. The major finding of this research is that even after understanding the meaning of the terms and conditions after blindly accepting them at first, users still continue using social media for self-gratification.

Social, Media, Terms, Conditions, Privacy, Services, Security, Big, Data
Media Literacies
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Rufus Barigala

Student, Media Studies, Student, India