Assessment of Nigerian Newspapers' Reportage of Violence Against Children

By: Adeline Nkwam Uwaoma  

Despite the adoption and implementation of the child rights act in Nigeria, violence against children seems to be on a steady increase. Violence against children is considered as those acts by other persons especially adults that undermine and threaten the healthy life and existence of children or those that violet their rights as humans. This study analyses the frequency, length, prominence level, direction, and sources of information reported on violence against children in select national daily newspapers. It then provides information on the role of the newspapers in Nigeria in the fight against child violence and public awareness of the impact of violence against children on the development of the nation and the attempts to curtail such violence. The composite week sampling technique was used. As such 168 editions of Daily Sun and Punch newspapers published from January to December of 2016 were selected. Data were collected using code sheet and analyzed via content analysis. The result showed that the frequency of the newspapers’ reportage of violence against children in Nigeria was low. Again, it was found that the length or space given to reports on violence against children was inadequate, the direction of the few reports on violence against children was in favour of the course or fight against child violence and these newspapers gave no prominence to reports on violence against children. Finally, it was found that a major source of news about violence against children was through journalists; government and individual sources provided only minimal information.

Children, Newspapers Reportage,Nigeria, Violence
Media Cultures
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Adeline Nkwam Uwaoma

Lecturer II, Mass Communication, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria
Imo State, Nigeria

I am a 54 years old married woman. I have four children both males and females. I am from Eastern Nigeria, Imo State to be precise. I have worked for 35 years as a practicing as a Mass Communicator but in the last four years I have been lecturing at Imo State University, Owerri, in the area of Broadcasting. I was also once the Second Vice Chairman of Nigerian Union Journalists (NUJ), Imo Broadcasting Cooperation (IBC); member, Nigerian Association of Women Journalist; Coordinator, IBC UNICEF Project; UNICEF Imo State Media Coordinator; Member, Imo State social mobilization committee; Public relation officer, Anglican Diocese of Mbaise; member, National Youth Service Corp, UNICEF HIV State Coordinator and Head, Radio News Production IBC. In the course of my career, I have attended several conferences and workshops, some of them include a 5-day BBC/UNICEF/FGN training workshop in Edo State; a 5-day workshop on Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission for Journalists by UNICEF in Enugu State and 1 day PACNet Scientific Workshop on Reproductive Health in Imo State; Annual Conference of African Council for Communication Education in Cross River State; and Godfrey Okoye University Research Ethics Training programme for Social Science Faculty Members of Imo State University, Owerri. I have had several publications as books, book chapter contributions and journal articles that are 23 in number. However, this conference if i am invited would be the first i will be attending outside the shores of African, as such, I shall be glad if my article is accepted and I am invited.