Is Placard Journalism Misleading People? – an Ethical Perspective

By: Gauri Bhardwaj   Kannan Subramani  

In India, news Channels play an important role by having an impact on the audience through disseminating different news stories in different formats. Few channels claim them as number one as per the rating point is given by the approved agency (BARC- Broadcast Audience Research Council of India) and also the type of news they decipher. Placard Journalism is a new style of journalism in which some television news channels, portray themselves as they are the leaders in disseminating first-hand information to their audience. The present study tries to find out reasons for why they are claiming themselves as number one. How does claiming affect news stories? Do select news channels follow news ethics in order to have this status? The dissemination of news content framed and presented in such a way to have benefits for ratings and have more number of subscribers/viewers. Four private television news channels are taken into consideration on the basis of ratings as per the 2019 data of BARC agency and from audience survey. From 19 January to 25 January, the present study brings out data through triangulation method - content analysis, survey method, and in-depth interview. Content analysis deals with the interpretation of data and the presentation style they follow. Survey method will help to bring out audience perception about news channels and channel they prefer to watch. The in-depth interview brings the insight of the particular organization regarding the content or strategies they follow.

Dissemination, Claim, Journalism, TV Rating, Agenda
Media Business
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Gauri Bhardwaj

Karnataka, India

I am Gauri Bhardwaj, the student at Christ University Bangalore. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Media Studies in a specialization of Multimedia Journalism. I did my Graduation in Journalism itself with a specialized degree of BA(JMC) Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Banasthali University.

Kannan Subramani

Assistant Professor, christ (Deemed to be) University, India