Change in Portrayal of Women in Select Indian TV Advertisements – a Multidimensional Approach

By: Dristi Chawda   Kannan Subramani  

Advertising is considered as a strong and effective medium of communication in modern time. It has qualities to strongly impact, limit, or expand the very purpose of a person’s reality, choices, and potential towards such choices. The constant exposure of a certain kind of advertisements, with appealing visual and verbal elements have power to initiate social changes. Women have always been held back in the historical context, facing discrimination in many spheres of life and fighting for their identity. The present research focuses on the change in the thinking of people on the portrayal of women in the popular Indian Television advertisements. Firstly, to find select advertisements which break the notions of gender stereotyping and analyze the change reflected in those advertisements. Secondly, to find out the change in the thinking of people and the social scenario (Indian Context) and scrutinize whether the change is real or not. The present study adopts both qualitative and quantitative methodologies under which content analysis, survey, and expert interviews are used as methods. The study mainly focuses on television commercials and respondents from every age group both men and women, homemakers and working are considered. The triangulation method lays down analysis of advertisements, both the one who creates them and the one who consumes them. The study syncs to the current scenario because it considers if there is any change in reality or not. The study is in process and looks to find out answers to the research questions.

TV Advertisements, Women, Change, Impact, Portrayal
Media Business
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Dristi Chawda

Karnataka , India

A Masters degree student from Christ University, Persuing masters in Media and Communication Studies, specialization in Advertising and Corporate Communications. Did my graduation from Banasthali University, Rajasthan in Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Kannan Subramani

Assistant Professor, christ (Deemed to be) University, India