The Present Psychology of Media Practice in Bangladesh

By: Alovi Sarkar  

Dealing with simulation theory in association with inductive thematic analysis on the way to qualitative research methodology, this body of research work portrays the figure of present day mass media’s bourgeois psychology and their practice of imperialist domination towards the practitioners as well as consumers of media stuffs. It also depicts the in-built politically biased tendency of media power in Bangladesh in a precise way. This research work justifies the hypothesis of the research that media in Bangladesh attributes a negative bourgeois impact on the distinction of audiences’ choices as well as popular culture of the existing society to the way of capitalist practices. This work portrays, in every way of life, from economic, social, and cultural fragments to individual identities how media suppresses us with the weapon of capitalism, with its bourgeois representation.

Media, Mass Media, Audience, Representation, Power, Popular Culture, Politics, Identities
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Alovi Sarkar

Senior Researcher, Knowledge Management and Media Research, Institute of Communication Studies, Bangladesh
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Alovi Sarkar is now working as a Senior Researcher at Instituttion of Communication Studies (Bangladesh). Alovi has worked for one of the most popular TV talk shows Ajker Bangladesh and some other current affairs shows at Independent Television as a Broadcast Journalist (Research) before that. She has experience of working with UNDP and UNESCO in Bangladesh. She is a poet and fiction-writer too.