Twitter Freedom Versus Social Ethics

By: Ayesha Ashfaq   Muhammad Ajmal Bashir  

Social media is not only a tool of communication and interaction but also it is a medium that alters the mindset of people regarding political, religious, and social issues. Now a days, social media activists are playing an important role in creating the viewpoint of general audience on various global issues. This study analyzes the uses and abuses of freedom to social media activists and also highlight the need for the ethical considerations while using the Twitter account in Pakistan. This research seeks to understand the social media activists’ point of view regarding usage of abusive language on Twitter and its link with ethical boundaries of Pakistan. This study highlights the social media activists’ perceptions on the implementation of code of legal and ethical frameworks on social media. To fulfill its purpose, in-depth interviews of twenty social media activists are conducted. The data of the research is analyzed through thematic analysis. As this study discusses the interaction pattern of people during computer-mediated communication, therefore, this study comes under the umbrella of SIDE - Social Identity Model of Deindividuation Effects.

Cyber, Laws, Ethics, Freedom of Expression
2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age
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Dr. Ayesha Ashfaq

Dr. Ayesha Ashfaq is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, She is post-doctoral fellow at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Arizona State University, USA. She holds her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, M.Phil in Media and Communication Studies and PhD in Political and International Communication. Her research interests are cartoon journalism, visual communication, cultural studies, international communication, political communication and qualitative research. For her distinguished work, she has been awarded Overseas PhD scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). She has also been awarded Gold Medal for her outstanding performances in BS (Hons) and M.Phil from University of the Punjab Lahore.

Muhammad Ajmal Bashir

Muhammad Ajmal Bashir is program anchor and special correspondent in Dunya TV.