The Use of WhatsApp Voice Note Service in Promoting Indigenous Language Media's Digital Public Sphere

By: Ofentse Ngake  

This study examines the use of WhatsApp voice note service by Motsweding FM, a South African radio station broadcasting in Setswana in the promotion of the indigenous language media’s digital public sphere. The study focused on the Resemeletse programme of Motsweding FM and analysed how the programme uses the WhatsApp voice note service. The study is informed by the convergence theory and the diffusion of innovation theory. The study adopted a qualitative approach. The data of the study was gathered using interviews, questionnaires, and observation. The study discovered that the presenter of Resemeletse uses WhatsApp voice note service for audience participation. The study shows that the use of WhatsApp voice note service, for audience participation on Resemeletse enables and promotes the indigenous language media’s digital public sphere.

Indigenous language media, Digital media, Public sphere, Audience participation
Media Technologies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Ofentse Ngake

MA candidate and temporary lecturer, School of Communication Studies, North-West University, South Africa
South Africa

I am a young vibrant village boy. I am currently doing my Master of Arts in Communication and a temporary lecturer of Broadcast Journalism at the North-West University, South Africa. I have been a Supplemental Instructor for journalism module and also a graduate assistant whereby I facilitated communication studies students with their practicals. This has assisted me to get all the necessary experience and enabled me to apply knowledge and initiate creative practical excercises and broaden my research skills. I am known for my positive and motivational attitude towards academics and research.