The Concept of Media Literacy as a Priority Cross-cultural Competency in Educational System - Comparative Analysis

By: Nana Matcharadze  

In the twenty-first century, the concept of media literacy is an important and actively studied concept. Today, media manages the social, political, and cultural life of the people and holds a vital role in the life of individuals. You exist as you are informed. Information in the society of knowledge has become a "good" that requires everyone to exist in society. Therefore, the receipt and processing of information are vital. Information-communication technologies and media channels became an important component of the existence and functioning for social institutions. In the modern world, along with traditional texts, multimedia texts take a place which use linguistic, vocal, and visual means simultaneously. The position of the individual is carried on the inside and outside of the network, as it determines its ability and power in society. This work is a study of the concept of the media literacy and the peculiarities of its implementation policy in the country's educational system based on comparative analysis with international experience. According to National Curriculum of Georgian Formal Education, cross-cultural Competencies have an important place in it. Considering national goals and public demands of general education, the National Curriculum allocates priority to cross-cultural competencies, which are decisive for self-realization and adequate place in the modern, democratic world. One of the priorities of cross-cultural competencies of the National Curriculum is Media Literacy. In this regard, analysis of the concept of media literacy, state education documents and their comparison with international experiences reveals interesting and notable results.

Media literacy Education Cross-cultural Information Multimedia
Media Literacies
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Master Nana Matcharadze

PhD Student, Invited Lecturer, Social Sciences, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), Georgia