The Use of Social Media of Modern Mothers and the Dissemination of Mother’s Breastfeeding Discourse in Society

By: Punwadee Prayong  

This study considers the advantage of using online social media in finding information about raising children related to mother’s breastfeeding in Thailand. The in-depth interview is used as a method in which the samples are divided into three groups including: a mother-to-be, a new mother, and an experienced mother. These groups of mothers are the followers of “Sutheera Uerpairojkit” Facebook Fan Page. The page is the most recognized that specifically provides information about mother’s breastfeeding. More importantly, the page founder is a pediatrician as well as a mother. The results reveal that the opinion leaders on nurturing children are changed from “motherhood” to “expert” on social media. Therefore, mothers from the sample groups are beneficial from the mentioned Facebook Fan Page in terms of information and mentality such as knowledge and practical techniques about mother’s breastfeeding, information and comments from other mothers, inspiration and support as well as new friends who share common experience. Furthermore, following the page can also lead to unexpected outcomes which are the construction of “mother identity” and the establishment of “mothering power”. This page additionally becomes a virtual community that delivers the discourse of mother’s breastfeeding to society. The discourse focally reflects that “good mothers are the mothers who bring up their children by mother’s breastfeeding”. This belief is then the main value of the modern mothers who might disregard other types of mothers in society.

Social Media, Facebook Fan Page, Mother Breastfeeding, Identity
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Punwadee Prayong

Lecturer, Assistant to the Dean for Corporate Communication , Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication , Thammasat University, Thailand