New Media Technologies

By: Nicholas Iwokwagh  

This paper x-rays the Nigerian political landscape and examines the nature and character of political intrusion into Nigeria’s public electronic media. It elucidates how politics have had a devastating onslaught on the broadcast media in Nigeria and demonstrates how New Media Technologies (NMTs) are responding to the challenges of electoral politics in Nigeria and intervening in the political manipulation and control of news and Nigeria’s public electronic media. The paper anticipates the impacts of New Media Technology Interventions on the Future of Democracy in Nigeria (FoDIN) by drawing attention to five issues of concern: First, the impact of NMTs on sustainable political communication and the role of the state in the communication process. Second, the impact of NMTs on media action and attendant social responsibility to Nigeria’s marginalised population. The paper also looks at the issue of the impact of NMTs on media coverage, social movements, and the question of gender equality in Nigerian politics. Further, it contemplates the impact of NMTs on media organisations, nationalism, and populism. Finally, it conceptualises the impact of NMTs on electoral politics and FoDIN – in terms of threats and opportunities. Mixed methods (triangulation) are used for data collection, data presentation, and data analysis.

Media Technologies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Nicholas Iwokwagh

Dean, School of Information and Communication Technology, Information and Media Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria