The Transformation of Condolence in Digital Age

By: Aybike Serttaş  

The effects of new media on users are discussed in many different ways. One of these influences that permeate every stage of everyday life is the change of individual attitudes and its transformation into social behavior. From this point of view, the subject of the study is to examine how the action of condolence changes with the spread usage of new media. The condolence, which has an important place in Turkish culture, takes place with certain rituals. In recent years, digital condolence has become widespread by leaving these rituals aside. The study interviewed ten adults considered to be digital immigrants using in-depth method to examine the transformation of condolence culture. As a result, according to the views of the interviewees there are some reasons for this change. First of these are, instead of being physically in the same place sending messages is more practical. The other reason is it is hard for people to face death closely. And the last common one is tiredness caused by work life and daily life hinders all kinds of social activities. For all these reasons, it has been found that digital condolence have been accepted as a new media practice and the old condolence practices are left behind.

Cultural change, Digital condolence, Social behavior
Media Cultures
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Aybike Serttaş

Academic, Faculty, Employer, Turkey

Completed my MA. and Ph.D. in communication studies at communication sudies in Marmara University in Turkey. My bachelor'd degree is from Black Sea Technical University on International Affairs. All my pofessional life sice 2004, I have actively lectured and mentored in faculty of communication and also written many articles and books. Media critism in the context of woman, cultural sexism and representation of children in media are some of my study titles.