Enhancing Kenyan Public University Lecture Room Learning

By: Lydia Mareri  

Media literacy today can be viewed as a set of skills that allow people to understand messages they receive through writing, sound, or visual images. At one time individuals were considered literate if they could read and write. Today, that is no longer sufficient, because, most of the information comes through pictures that include television, video games, music videos, advertising. Most current undergraduate students have never known a life without the internet – it is the glue that holds their personal and social lives together. It makes sense that university lecturers should nurture students' familiarity with technology, encouraging its use in teaching and learning, and paying attention to developing broader digital literacy skills. However sensible this might seem, the reality is somewhat different. University lecturers, who are powerful role models for students can be very resistant to adopting new digital teaching practices, and will vary in their ability to engage with the online world. While they complain about the undergraduate students’ in ability to read and write effectively in the traditional way, they show varied degree of resistance to digital media usage in their day to day teaching and learning activities. Many seem to complain about lack of digital teaching and learning resources within their universities, and yet these are easily available at the palms of their hands in form of smartphones and tablets. This theoretical paper highlights the challenges that this situation poses to achieving desirable literacy levels within public university learning environment in Kenya today.

Media Literacy; Digital Literacy; Public University Lecturers
Media Literacies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Lydia Mareri

Dr/Lecturer, Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Egerton University, Njoro-Kenya, Kenya
Rift Valley, Kenya

Lydia Ayako Mareri,Born in Western Kenya, 1963. Have had long journey to academic achievement. Complted Secondary School at Bunyore Girls High School 1980, Completed A Level at Mukumu Girls High School. Completed Bachelor of Education (Arts) 1987, Kenyatta University Kenya. Completed Master of Arts(Ed) Southampton UK, in 1992, Doctor of Management 2013 Swiss Management Centre and PhD Media & Communications, Kisii University 2018. I have been university Communication Skills educator for 20 years. To expand my communication engagement, I am a Certified Trained Mediator MTI. I have special interest in Public Relations, Media Analysis and organisational communication research traning. I have published considerably in communication,media disciplines areas. My principle is to keep learning and therefore I like networking despite difficult Financial and social conditions