Radio as Agent for Democratic Literacy or Democratic Illiteracy

By: Messan Mawugbe  

Media (radio broadcast) is a responsible agent of and for lingual "between-ness" which acts as a bridge between the electorates in democratic spaces through mobilization, the sharing of information, and educating the electorates on issues relating to their national discourses as well as democratic dispensations. This critical responsible role of the media's (radio) "between-ness" only becomes effective in a space where the audience (citizenry) could effectively comprehend the language use by the radio broadcasters. Lack of lingual comprehension of media content subsequently means, the audience could not be comprehensively educated nor participate fully in the national democratic dispensations as the media loses its responsibility as socio-cultural and political "between-er. " Contrary, the Ghanaian media (radio broadcasters or radio talk-shows) has placed less importance on the media's responsibility as an agent of social "between-ner" due the consistency in interlacing local language (Akan) with English language for audience whose majority could hardly understand the interlaced English words. An example is this hybrid: (Exoneration no, eye veil propaganda anaa se sen?) Many of the audiences like my own mother with no formal education; does not understand the words - exoneration, - propaganda, - and vile. This study uses media theories, media studies concepts, and news content analysis to establish the extent of media "between-ner" responsibility role abuses on the Ghanaian local language radio. This study results could be used by policy makers to ensure effective participation by the audience in similar spaces.

Media Cultures
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Messan Mawugbe


After my studies in Germany, Im worked briefly with a media reserach agency known as Media Tenor, in Bonn, Germany and then came to Ghana. I founded a strategic corporate communication agency in Accra, Ghana , known as the Centre for Media Analysis. Its been in operation since 2005.I helped establish the mass communication department at tjhe Central University in Accra, Ghana and became its firts Head of Department . I was also the Head of Public Relations for the Central Univesity. I have done extensive research on media and its responsibilities in collaboration with foreing  embassies in Accra.I have been consulting for many corporates in Ghana, UNICEF, BANKS, CARE INTERNATIONAL, Ghana Police Services, Ghana Parliament, NGOs, and many more. I am highly regarded and my opinion is sort in Ghana on Media responsibilty related issues, and this gives me apperance on Radio, TV, and Print Media, and Online Media. I done  presentaions on Media related in USA, Africa, and research papers accepted for prsentation in Europe.My interest is in Media Responsibilties, Media Representations, Media Theory, Strategic Corporate Communication, Media Research, Media as an agent for social change and   Media Consultancy.