FIFA 18 players – What Do They See While They Are Winning or Losing?

By: Tomasz Gackowski  

This study was conducted with a group of around sixty non-professional players - men in three age groups: teenagers (14-15 years old), young adults (21-22) and adults (34-35). While respondents were playing FIFA 18 games, their reactions were measured by eye tracking (SMI 500Hz RED) in the iMotions’ environment. The games were held in the tournament formula which was supposed to intensify respondents’ engagement. In the study, I analyzed eye movements of the respondents. In the course of the data analysis, special events of the match (e.g. scoring a goal, losing a goal, penalty kick, one-to-one situation with a goalkeeper etc.) were determined and marked on the recordings. Furthermore, the AOIs as the particularly important parts of the frames were drawn. In the course of the biometric (not only eye tracking) research project, which is still ongoing, my research team is seeking answers to the following questions: Can we determine the model reactions of non-professional players to specific situations happening during the game? Do certain elements of the game arouse greater engagement of players than other events? Is it possible to create players’ profiles by the way they look on the screen or engage in the specific moments of the game? Finally - what kind of biometric differences can we distinct comparing professional and non-professional FIFA players? This is probably the most interesting for the e-sport business. This paper focuses on the first part of the results of this complex research project.

Eyetracking, FIFA 2018 Gameplay, Biometric, AOI, Game
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