Film Marketing Techniques in Bangladesh

By: Shaolin Shaon  

In recent times, film marketing is becoming a growing phenomenon worldwide. To be successful in the theatre, film marketing techniques must be considered. Before releasing a film in theaters, production houses promote their films in different ways and invest money for this purpose. These efforts of film marketing create a high level of awareness in potential audiences to watch that film in theater. That is why film marketing is such a critical part of the filmmaking process. Drawing on, the Uses and Gratifications model of Active Audience Theory, this study explores the film marketing techniques in Bangladesh and comes to a conclusion that, having a YouTube trailer is the most effective film marketing technique. This study also uses in-depth interviews of audience for data collection and the sampling procedure is purposive sampling. This research on film marketing techniques will contribute to bringing more audience members back to movie theaters in Bangladesh.

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Miss Shaolin Shaon

Student, Television, Film & Photography, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shaolin Shaon is involved with Managerial works at "DU TV" organized by the Department of Television, Film & Photography. She worked on different projects with UNDP, BBC Action Media, National TV Programs and academic projects so far. She Played Role as a researcher at "Dhaka University Research Society since 2012. She received a number of awards and certificates for her excellence in Music, Art, Photography & Short films. She is also continuing her Master's degree in Television, Film & Photography from the University of Dhaka.